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All bidders must be registered. During the registration process, you will be required to provide your name, physical (mail) address and e-mail address. These will be stored on the computer and are used to contact you in the event that you are a successful bidder. They will not be sold or passed to third parties for advertizing or other purposes. You will also be asked to provide a user name ("alias") for your profile. This must be unique and consist of only letters and/or numbers. All public presentation (e.g. your bid listing) will refer to your alias, not your real name.

You register here. If your registration is successful, you will be forwarded to a page indicating your user name and e-mail address. This page allows you to confirm that you typed in both of those correctly. An error on the user name is not really critical - you will just have to go by a different name than you planned - but an error on the e-mail address is critical, as the next step is that an e-mail with a password will be sent to you. Without that password, you cannot bid. If you have made an error on your e-mail, re-register with a different user name.

Upon receiving your e-mail with your password, you can continue to use that password to log in to bid, or you can change the password if you wish. The password is randomly generated, so it can be difficult to remember. If you wish to change your password, you can do so here, but it must be solely letters and/or numbers. One important security point to consider is that although the passwords are stored in your profile in a location inaccessible to the general public, they are not encrypted, which means that in the event of a hack or other issue, someone may still be able to view them. We therefore STRONGLY recommend that you do not use your "usual" password if you have one that you habitually use.

Viewing Auction Items

There is a list of categories on the main page of the site. Each of those categories is "hot linked" to a list of items available in that category. Where a photo is available, it is presented in that list. The time (in hours:minutes, 24 hour format) and date (month/date in numerical format) of the close of the auction are presented in this general list. Also shown on this list are the current total number of bids and the high bid. If an item shows "0" bids, but a "high bid" figure, that indicates a reserve price which must be exceeded for the item to sell. In some cases the bidding may be started lower than the reserve, which will be indicated on the individual item page in the box towards the top of the page. Items listed on the category list are also "hot linked" to the individual listing page which carries more details of the item as well as the bidding history and button, including the close date/time in long format.


As noted, in order to bid, one must be registered. Bidding is easily accomplished by your "alias", your password and your bid amount on the item page and pressing the "Place Bid" button. If your bid is accepted by the system, you will be forwarded to a page indicating your alias, your bid amount, the item number and the date and time. You may wish to print or save those details. In the event that you are not forwarded to this page, use the "back" button in your browser and refresh the page to see if your bid is listed in the bid history. In the event that two or more people bid at the same time, only one (or neither) of the bids may be accepted by the system. If your bid does not show, you may wish to enter it again (make sure to refresh the page prior to re-bidding!!).

Each item carries a closing date and time - which is in US Eastern Time, not your local time - however as in real auctions (and unlike some on-line auction sites), the item is not "knocked down" until the final bid has been submitted. This is achieved by bidding being closed approximately 5 minutes after the last bid. Note "approximately"!! Exact times may vary for any number of reasons. The bottom line is that there really is no benefit to "sniping" bidding (bidding at the last second) with this auction site, as you might actually miss the bid deadline, or else get it extended another five minutes anyway!

Retracting a Bid

Simple answer? You can't! By bidding you are contracting to purchase at your bid price. If there is a huge error (e.g. you bid $1,000 instead of $100) then contact us as soon as you realise what you've done and we'll review it and correct it if deemed appropriate.

Being Outbid

Obviously being outbid is the nature of the game! You should receive an e-mail at your registered e-mail address notifying you of having been outbid, but don't rely on receiving that e-mail as it's sent only as a matter of convenience. E-mails get lost - we all know that! So keeping an eye on the bidding in order to place higher bid is a more reliable method of avoiding missing out on an item.

What if I Win?

Well first, congratulations!! You should receive an e-mail indicating that you have won the item as well as our contact information and a link to our payment page which details acceptable payment methods.

What if I Win... But I Don't?

Most items listed will carry a reserve bid. In the event that the auction closes with you as the high bidder but your bid was below the reserve, you will receive a "congratulations" e-mail notifying you of that. At that point, you may consider that increasing your bid to the reserve price would have been the thing to do, and you can contact us - before we relist the item - to make arrangements to pay the reserve amount. If you do not do that, depending upon what it is, the item may be relisted and you can try again later.

What Happens After I've Paid?

Once your payment has cleared, we will notify the donor and everything can go ahead for you to receive the item upon which you successfully bid. Items should not be released until payment is received by the Leg-up Equestrian Assistance Program, Inc. and funds have cleared the banking system.

Shipping Costs

All shipping costs or other costs (such as, but not limited to, semen collection fees) are the responsibility of the donor and/or the winning bidder. In many cases, these charges are laid out in the item description, if they are not, the bidder is advised to contact the donor directly for details or presume that they (the bidder) are responsible for all charges and bid accordingly.

What if I Don't Receive the Item Upon Which I Successfully Bid?

First of all, check with us to make sure that your payment has been received and cleared our banking system successfully. If that has been done and all is well with that aspect, we will contact the donor on the purchaser's behalf to see if there is a problem and notify you of the result. At that point, one of several things may happen: We may suggest that you deal directly with the donor to resolve any issue; we may continue to assist as an intermediary; or we may refund your winning bid amount. Please note that in the event that the last solution is used, the maximum amount that will be refunded will be the total received by the Leg-up Equestrian Assistance Program, Inc. after any fees or charges associated with the payment have been deducted. Please also note that this represents the limitation on liability held by the Leg-up Equestrian Assistance Program, Inc. under any circumstances. By bidding, you agree to this limitation.


Thank you! We appreciate not only the donor (and please be sure to than them appropriately yourself!), but also you, the winning bidder. We recognize that it is you who are actually providing the funding which we are seeking and which is going to be put, we assure you, towards a worthy cause associated with what we all love - the equine - so again:

Thank you for supporting the Leg-Up Equestrian Assistance Program Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization!

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These auctions are operated by the Leg-Up Equestrian Assistance Program Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
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