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If you would like to donate something to a Leg-Up Equestrian Assistance Program, Inc. Auction, "Thank You!" and please fill in the following form:

This will assist us in correctly presenting your kind donation on the websites. Donations may be tax deductible - if you would like a tax receipt, please ensure that the "receipt" box is checked - it is not by default.
Some explanatory notes are added to the right to assist you in filling out the form. Your item should appear on the auction website listing within 2 days. If it does not, please contact us as that may indicate that we did not receive your submission.

* Please note that donations are now being accepted for assistance with the general fund only, not for a specific assistance situation *

Your Name Please enter your name here - this will not be published on the listing.
E-mail (will not be shown on the website - this is for our own contact use only) Must be a valid e-mail address!!
Donor's Name The name that you wish to have appear on the donation - may be your Farm or business name, or enter "anonymous" if that is what you desire
Your address and telephone number (if desired) Address is preferred, telephone number is optional
Item Title This should be short and descriptive e.g.: "1 breeding To Sunny Jim" for a stallion breeding (substitute your stallion's name!!!) - please format this exactly as you wish it to appear so we can copy and paste (i.e. capitals and syntax as appropriate)
Image Link If there is a photo of the image somewhere on the Internet, please provide the full URL so that we can either harvest the image or link to it
Item Description Describe the item as you wish the description to appear - capitals, syntax, etc. Items to include are a concise description and in the case of things like a stallion breeding whether there are collection and shipping fees to be added on - and add those if you know what they are. This should be concise! Ideally a maximum of 75 or so words, otherwise we may have to edit, which we want to avoid!
Website Links This could include a link to your site page where you promote your stallion or item that you are donating
Other Links This could include a general link to your website
Fair Market Value of the Donation US$ e.g. normal stud fee or retail value of the item - leave blank if you have no idea, but it's helpful to provide even an estimate!
IRS Tax Receipt Required? If the item appears eligible for a tax write-off, please check the box and we will send you a receipt if it falls within our guidelines. Please note that this is defaulted to "no" to save on volunteer labor, so please change the status only if you require a receipt!
Suggested reserve bid price US$ This is a suggested minimum amount that the item might be sold for - please note that we may adjust this in the interests of fundraising. Stallion services are set at $100 reserve to encourage opening of bidding.
Other Comments These are comments not intended for publication on the site but which may assist us in accurate presentation. You can also include any other message you have for us here.

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Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!! And finally... A Big Thank You!!
Without the generosity of donors such as yourself, we would not be able to assist equestrians and equines in need!

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These auctions are operated by the Leg-Up Equestrian Assistance Program Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
Please visit our website for more information about the organization and what we do.